4DOF manipulator arduino Robotic arm remote control ps2 mg90s SNAM1900


product description

       This is a classic 4-DOF robots. This is an economical, powerful and easy-to-use arduino arm learning kit. it suitable for a guest space, college students, secondary school students use. Arduino UN R3 .  easy to learn to use.


About the control method:

       The control method is also very simple, through two ps2 joystick to control the movement of the four servo.


Who is suitable for buying this kit

    College students certainly fit, high school students is no problem, social creator hobby no problem. High school students choose carefully, pupils do not recommend buying.




* Learn the use of arduino

* Learning potentiometer control servo

* Understand the control principle of robotic arm


Product List:


1. A set of acrylic cutting pieces + screws

2.A arduino uno r3 board

3.A 5V 2A power adapter

4. 4 pcs mg90s steering gear

5. A 15mm servo extension cable

6. 5cm winding pipe

7. 1pcs handle acrylic plate

8. 2 pcs ps2 rocker

9. 10pieces 50cm Dupont line mother to mother

10. 1pcs v5 expansion board



Packing: plastic box or foam box

Weight: 500g


online manual

SNARM mg90s ps2


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