2.4Ghz six-channel high-power high current large-voltage intelligent tank robot remote control with receiver board





* 4-channel high-power, 2-channel low power, you can control two high-power motor, a small power 130 small motor

* Relay switch module control high-power motor, safe unlimited

* 2 high-power motor, acceptable 1-12V, the current maximum acceptable 10A

* 2.4G remote control distance greater than 30 meters

* Remote control about 2 rocker, suitable for left and right drive the car or boat, tanks, tracked vehicles, crawler robots, etc.

* Remote control circuit is powered separately and stable.



Through the 2.4G remote control issued a high level, control high-power 220V 10A relay switch connection and disconnect, for high-power appliances, safe, stable and durable. With three holes in the board, plus plastic column installation, durable. Wiring using the press terminal, easy to use, easy to re-use. Relay lines are very complex, we have completed the production of engineers, hand can be used.


Product parameters:

Remote control frequency: 2.4G

Number of channels: 4 high power, for 2 high power motor, 2 low power for one low power motor

Size: length, width, height 90 * 75 * 90 mm



High power principle: relay switch type


Two-way power supply:

Remote control circuit: 4 AA batteries

High power input: 1-12V, maximum 10A



* Relay line connection is complex, most people are difficult to complete,  need to be careful line off

* High power means that the large voltage, large voltage is a big risk, this product allows the maximum voltage of 12V, not allowed to modify the product at will

* After starting the circuit, 10 seconds without any operation, the circuit will enter the automatic demonstration function

* This product is developed by the company's own technical staff, does not allow any company or individual copy



1, put 4pcs AA battery, switch on the battery box

2, remote control into the battery, close to the receiver board, press on / off, the module will start ,four lights will  turn on.

3, move the rocker, or 10 seconds after the remote control will enter the self-demonstration state


2.4G 6CH


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