John Kg
Feb 11

I bought the joystick version I have assembled the same as per the manual after starting the board not respondingTo the controller pls help

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  • Pedro Crispim
    Nov 9

    I lost a piece that prevents me from completing the assembly of my robot. it will be possible to provide me the dimensions of this piece to try to print it on a 3D printer
  • William Enders
    Nov 15, 2018

    Do this first: Then: 1. Download the make tea code here: 2. Unzip and install with 7 Zip. 3. Connect pin 4 to ground pin using a momentary switch to initiate process. 4.. Follow robot movements in this video (below) to verify properly connected servos and sync with proper movements. Servos: (brown colored conductor pointing toward potentiometers). Pin 1 - Claw Pin 2 - Long Arm Pin 3 - Short Arm Pin 4 - Base
  • William Enders
    Nov 15, 2018

    I have the code loaded. How do connect the servos in proper order & where do I connect the switch?

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